The story of Exotec Solutions began in 2014, on a bus taking the future co-founders Romain Moulin and Renaud Heitz to work at General Electric Medical. News had just broken in the world of intralogistics: Amazon had decided to keep the revolutionary KIVA robot technology to themselves. The news stuck with the two engineers who thought about it and decided they could do better: design a robotic order preparation system using a fleet of robots able to move in three dimensions. This is how the Skypod was born.

Introducing the Skypod System

Exotec designs revolutionary robotic systems for the supply chain. Their robots are designed
to connect mathematics, mechanics and humans, with the latter always at the focus of our
attention. They create robotic systems to help e-merchants and retailers meet the great
challenge of the seamless customer journey and allow women and men to engage in exciting
career paths. The Skypod System is a retail order picking solution. It offers the best performance on the
market while remaining flexible and adaptable to the customer’s needs. What makes it
special? The system sizing takes into account storage requirements and flows independently.
This allows extreme adaptability to your specifications and allows subsequent phasing as
needs evolve.