More than a manufacturer of automation machines, OPEX continuously reimagines technology to power the future of our customers. As they claim, they offer solutions that can solve tomorrow’s problems in warehouses and logistics centers.

OPEX Perfect Pick® solution

This goods-to-person solution is perfect for ecommerce fulfillment and micro-fulfillment, offering an effective automated storage and retrieval system. Paired with OPEX’s proprietary Cortex™ software platform, the solution reduces reliance on labor to pick and ship orders. The simplicity of the system allows the employees to be up and running in minutes. Storing inventory with OPEX’s solution keeps items secure while utilizing the warehouse’s vertical space, increasing throughput, reliability, and effectiveness.

This automated storage and retrieval system is engineered to simplify order fulfillment automation with increased throughput, reliability, and cost-effectiveness, succeeding in applications where high volumes of inventory are moving in and out of distribution operations.