Goods to
Person Picking

Goods to person picking  requires a lower initial capital than other traditional automation solutions. G2P robots that transport goods to workers have advanced navigation, work with 99.99% accuracy, and are able to triple the operational and fulfillment efficiency of all warehouses and logistics centers. Easy to adjust with peak times in every warehouse environments.

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ROI in less than 3 years

Trippled efficiency

Full deployment within 3 months

They can be easily adapted to peak order periods - when necessary, a robot can be quickly implemented in the system and then removed from it when it is no longer needed. G2P picking can be installed in up to 1 month and the entire robot system can be installed in all warehouse environments within 3 months.

Shelving systems and storage structures allow products to be efficiently positioned in the area. With automated order picking systems, the full ceiling height of the warehouse can be utilised, as well as the storage potential of higher spaces, with racking systems that can be raised up to 10 metres. What’s more, they also allow for better vertical utilisation: shelves can be more closely spaced, as robots can move through narrower aisles.

Automated solutions reduce the number of human resources needed to run the facility. This saves time and costs, and also solves human resource problems such as high staff turnover rate and training difficulties. In addition, the implementation reduces the heavy physical workload on workers, which minimises the risk of injury and overwork. This improves working conditions, which has a positive impact on health and well-being.

Goods to person systems are typically easily scalable to meet ordering and inventory needs. As demand increases, it is easy to add more robots or expand automated processes. This allows e-commerce warehouses to respond quickly and efficiently to increasing traffic. There is already a scheme whereby robots can be rented rather than buying the entire robot warehouse.