Autonomous cleaning robots are the best multitaskers, they take care of everything: floor cleaning, scrubbing, vacuuming, dusting, mopping, disinfection. Regardless of area size and design, they move and navigate automatically, with professional obstacle avoidance, using advanced sensors, ultrasonic sensors, and 3D vision. They are considered an energy-efficient solution in terms of water and energy use.

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Achieving maximum hygiene on all surfaces

Automatic navigation and obstacle avoidance

Continuous reports and system updates

The performance of the floor scrubbing robot can be monitored anywhere and at any time, thanks to automatic system updates. Autonomous cleaning robots controlled by artificial intelligence work by supplementing the work of people and raising it to a new level. Working together with them, modern industrial cleaning can be guaranteed.

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Cleaning robots contribute to sustainability. Primarily, they reduce electrical energy consumption through their energy-saving operation. They plan their route efficiently, minimizing energy-intensive movement. In addition, robots can run on environmentally friendly fuel cells or batteries, reducing material emissions. Their efficient use of water minimizes wastage while guaranteeing excellent cleaning every time.

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Thanks to accurate and regular cleaning, less waste accumulates in the warehouse and industrial processes become more efficient. Also, robots do not need chemicals or cleaning products that can pollute the environment. Overall, cleaning robots enable a more sustainable operation in warehouses, which contributes to a more efficient use of resources and a reduction in environmental impact.

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They facilitate the hygienic cleaning of many types of surfaces: they can also clean carpets, hard floors, tiles, wooden coverings and ceramics. The built-in sensors and their algorithms allow them to adapt the cleaning method to the type of surface, such as stronger scrubbing or fine dust removal. In addition, the regular operation of the robots and their low noise level enable hygienic cleaning even at night without disturbing the operation.

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