As the world’s leading ASRS (Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems) solution provider, AutoStore redefines order fulfillment. Founded in 1996, the technology company quickly began developing tools to help businesses increase their inventory efficiency. The company offers both hardware and software solutions, and their technology can be flexibly implemented with other third-party solutions. Their developments provide their customers with the speed, accuracy and reliability that is essential in today’s e-commerce world. ASRSs take advantage of warehouse robots by serving order fulfillment 24 hours a day from a dense cube layout that can quadruple warehouse capacity and realize the true potential of warehouse space.

Quick. Reliable. Flexible. Scalable. Safe.

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The company’s great innovation, Pio, offers a simplified warehouse automation solution for small and medium-sized businesses using AutoStore products. The robot model, which can be used as a more affordable and flexible service, also fits in a smaller footprint. It provides a competitive edge for inventory management and delivering on delivery promises in today’s fast-paced consumer environment.

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