Advanced robotics


Goods to Person Picking

Goods to Person Picking

Rapid ROI

ROI in less than 3 years
Lower initial investment required compared to traditional automation equipment

High Efficiency

+300% for goods-to-person picking
99.997% accuracy
Easy to adjust with peak times

Rapid Deployment

Full system deployment under 3 months. Goods-to-person picking can deploy as fast as 1 month
Easy to install on-site, no ground fixtures, flexible to modify warehouse


Material Handling

Rapid Deployment

 Ready and easy deployment for singular robots
Short project implementation cycle of only 2-4 weeks for multiple robots

High Investment Value

Increase in moving efficiency by at least 50%
Possible to achieve return on investment within a year

Highly Adaptable

 No need for environment modifications
Suitable for complex human-robot interaction scenarios


s20 2 sorting


Rapid ROI

 ROI in less than 3 years
Lower initial investment required compared to traditional automation equipment
Scalable investment to fit business needs

High Efficiency

10x more efficient compared to manual labor
Lowers labor costs
Fully automated process management

Rapid Deployment

Short deployment period
Implementation in stages to fit business needs 


laptop 03 software technology


Warehouse Execution System (WES)

Rich industry expertise and highly adaptable
Flexible assembly of modules with open ecological cooperation
Flexible to configure processes and strategies
Support both cloud and local deployment
Wide range of operation scenarios

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Highly integrated, highly modular, flexible and scalable
Customized reports to support business decisions
Rich strategies to deal with different business formats
Supports both cloud and local deployment

Data Platform (DP)

Strong real-time data processing capability. It provides data indicators to support decision making, and enables early warning of any robot faults or other essential functions
Customized dashboards to provide business insights


Autonomous Cleaning


Automatic charging
Automatic filling of water
Automatic rinsing of tank
Automatic discharging of waste water

Fleet management

Monitors performance  anywhere, anytime
Zone cleaning
Reports & system updates


Lidar system
3D Depth camera
Ultrasonic sensors