The Skypod System is a retail order picking solution. It offers the best performance on the market while remaining flexible and adaptable to the customer’s needs. What makes it special? The system sizing takes into account storage requirements and flows independently. This allows extreme adaptability to your specifications and allows subsequent phasing as needs evolve.

Runs at 4 m/s

Carries up to 30kg

Moves in 3 dimensions

Adapts to flow increase

The advantage of the Skypod system is to be able to adapt to flow variations. As storage needs and flows are independent, if flows increase, just add new robots to the system.

The racks adapt to the architecture of your warehouse to allow optimization of the full volume available. The sizing is based on both floor space and ceiling height, with robots designed to climb on the racks, storage space can be maximized and rise up to 12 meters high. Density is thus increased fivefold compared to traditional shelf picking.

All items are stored in standardized bins especially designed to be handled by our robots. Each bin is identified and registered in the ASTAR controller database.

The bins are available in two heights, 220 and 320 mm, and can be partitioned in 2/3/4/6/8.

For automated goods receiving we have developed a tray that can be adapted to our robots and is suitable for cartons up to 600 x 400 x 400 mm.

Skypods function as a fleet supporting the operators to prepare your orders faster. The robots are constantly assigned tasks and are programmed to prioritize the most urgent task.

The Skypicker is an articulated arm able to move solid objects weighing up to 4.4lbs and with a minimum surface of 0.8 x 0.8 inches at a speed of 4.5mph. It allows for simultaneous preparation of four orders and transfer to the next station for order completion with manual picking or packing. The Skypicker is controlled by the Astar software in an enclosed and secure environment that guarantees the safety of the operators. Astar synchronizes the articulated arm with the robots operating in the warehouse and defines which bin to send to the picking station.


  • Completely passive, made of simple racking and bins
  • Storage system up to 12 meters high
  • Bins (650x450x220/320/420 mm) and Trays

Skypod Robot

  • Payload 30kg
  • Speed: 4m/s driving, 1 m/s climbing
  • Guidance: LiDAR scanner

Working stations

  • Station
  • Order mover
  • Skypicker
  • Bin Interface