Megvii Automation & Robotics 3D Pallet Shuttle System (3D PS) is a new generation of their MegBots. The system makes a great improving for such product. The unique design and distributed control architecture, as well as the intelligent software empowered by Megvil’s Al platform, make this system as representative of the new generation of pallet shuttle. Following the product launch, several hundred units were deployed globally, with the largest project involving over 80 pallet shuttles. 3D pallet shuttle system has the potential to increase capacity, improve space utilization, reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions and more higher productivity, whether it’s in a distribution center or automated warehouse.

Flexible and modular warehouse automation

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The innovative solution can easily work with AMR’s and be a good asset for faster and more efficient truck loading. Therefore it is an ideal solution for high throughput logistics centers, 3PLs, warehouses and also for manufacturing companies. It offers great scalability. Standard hardware and modular software makes expansion very easy. Future throughput increase can be achieved by adding up 3D shuttles.

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