Boston Dynamics

The company’s mission is to develop exceptional robots that enrich people’s lives. Curiosity and respect for nature are at the heart of their work with robotic solutions. One of the things that makes Boston Dynamics unique is its more than 30 years of commitment to building dynamically stable machines that stand on their feet. They can develop devices of any size, shape, operating structure or resource. With their unique design, their robots conquer areas inaccessible to others and perform tasks autonomously in an unstructured environment. They provide the next step in the history of mechanical engineering in reducing the hazards, repetition and physical hardships of work.

Boston Dynamic Stretch™

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The versatile mobile robot is ideal for loading and crate handling. The custom-designed arm with 7 degrees of freedom has the power, speed and reach needed for warehouse applications. It can maneuver in all directions and navigate through obstacles and ramps. It takes up little space, fits anywhere, and thanks to its sophisticated navigation, it travels automatically.

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