Agilox is a leading manufacturer of autonomous mobile robots used in the logistics and manufacturing industries to automate internal logistics processes. AMRs improve efficiency and productivity, reduce labor costs, and provide users with great flexibility. The company stands for the revolutionary further development of theese automaterd comission robots. AMRs detect obstacles and workers and react safely and autonomously to the given situation. AGILOX’s products can be widely used in logistics production areas and offer extremely great benefits to users.

Agilox’s AGVs has a place in your warehouse

Their passion is to revolutionize intralogistics. Their work enables customers to flexibly design their intralogistics with the help of their products. To achieve this, they have developed the most maneuverable pallet AMR for the industry. Agilox vehicles’ find their way in any area. The omnidirectional drive concept ensures that there is enough space, even in the smallest aisle. They also have solution for dynamicall material flow changes.

AGILOX robot types:

  • AGILOX ONE is perfect for manufacturing companies that need extremely flexible, secure and stable intralogistics process. With its autonomous driving system, the robot moves easily in very tight spaces. The drive of its wheels provides unrestricted freedom of movement for the vehicle in the intralogistics environment.
  • AGLOX OCF is the next step in providing a solution for all type of material handling process in the warehouse. The robotic forklift can handle materials up to 1500 kg.
  • AGILOX ODM can simply move small load carriers with a maximum weight of 300 kg from one station to the other. This sets a new benchmark for agility and flexibility in intralogistics. 

Among the many benefits of AGILOX AMR, the most important ones are:

  1. Increased efficiency: AMRs significantly improve the efficiency of internal logistics processes and reduce the number of human errors.
  2. Flexibility: Agilox robots are very flexible and can be easily configured according to users’ specific needs.
  3. Cost saving solution: automation reduces labor costs and improves overall productivity.
  4.  Safety: AMRs automatically detect obstacles and human workers and respond to the given situation.
  5. Easy programmability: Theese bots are very easy to program, so users can introduce AMR to processes very quickly.