Advanced robotics


Using robotics to promote the progress of humanity


High order volumes and fluctuating peak periods are a major challenge for clothing and apparel companies in terms of order picking efficiency and accuracy. To meet these continuous challenges, companies need a more flexible, intelligent and efficient system that can ensure fast flow of goods and improve supply chain responsiveness, while reducing the risk of inventory overstocking. As a robotic integrator, we work with international manufacturers to provide flexible logistics solutions for online and offline apparel brands and distributors, covering the entire process, and making it more efficient.


Opt for intelligent automated solutions to manage peak periods with ease. In the fast-growing e-commerce industry, traditional manual warehouse operations cannot meet ever higher market demands for efficiency, accuracy and return on investment. Meeting growing consumer expectations requires faster order fulfillment, a massive number and high wariety of SKUs, increased order volume and higher return rates. We offer reliable and efficient automated solutions with unrivalled performance, proven in a number of high-volume e-commerce environments. With robotic technology and expertise, we help streamline the fulfillment process.


This sector is facing a number of challenges, including rising warehouse logistics costs, labour shortages and fluctuating consumer demand, and businesses using traditional logistics are not able to meet this expectations. Flexible supply chains need to be developed to better adapt to the changing market environment. We offer innovative, integrated solutions based on products and unique business models that improve efficiency and storage capacity, thereby increasing customers’ competitive advantage. With automated warehouse systems, the industry can optimise its logistics operations and achieve greater efficiency in a dynamic market environment.


As businesses continue to grow, so does the demand for third-party logistics (3PL) companies. However, low warehousing capacity and a lack of human resources have become major obstacles to growth. Automation is the answer to these challenges. By improving warehouse storage density, reducing dependency on human labour and increasing efficiency, innovative warehouse automation is the solution for companies looking to optimise their operations. We offer industry-leading solutions for each logistics process to enable service providers to fulfill their customers’ orders with high quality and efficiency, driving faster business growth.


The healthcare industry and the pharmaceutical supply chain faces increasing demands from a rapidly changing external environment that requires fine control, flexibility and efficiency. Increased product variations and small batch orders have challenged warehouse operators to fulfill orders accurately and quickly, while adhering to strict regulations. As a robotic integrator, we work together with world-class collaboration to help companies adapt to the industry’s ever-increasing efficiency requirements and address labour cost challenges. We offer complete process automation solutions for pharmaceutical logistics to help pharmaceutical companies achieve high accuracy and fast order handling operations.


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The current, mostly manual automotive production line is not flexible enough to adapt to rapid market changes. The traditional material handling system is labour-intensive, and the mixed operation of man and machine poses potential risks. Diversification of order-driven production and rising labour costs pose significant challenges to traditional warehouse logistics solutions. Automated process control is a major step forward in efficiency, cost and flexibility. We offer advanced robotic solutions to build intelligent and flexible manufacturing and logistics systems for automotive and automotive parts manufacturers.