Locus Robotics

Reliable and predictable results that provide quick returns. The founders of Locus were early involved in robotic technology and development to improve warehouse productivity. They quickly realized that a wide range of tasks could be automated in the warehouse and logistics centers – and immediately started working on the solution. With the Locus solution, you don’t have to build a new shelf system and you don’t have to buy the entire robot system, since it can be rented for 36 months by paying a monthly fee and can be implemented with a one-time installation cost. The manufacturer aims to develop robots that can cooperate with human labor and not replace them. Robots work safely alongside humans, making them more efficient and effective compared to traditional order fulfillment systems.

Mobile robots as companions of warehouse workers

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Locus Robotics’ innovative autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) make it easier to optimize warehouse operations, respond to e-commerce volume growth and seasonal peaks while taking labor costs into account. Locus’ innovative RaaS (Robots-as-a-Service) solution makes it easy and affordable to put new robots to work when needed – and shut down when needed. 

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