ACR systems (Autonomous Case-handling Robot systemy) are highly efficient G2P (goods-to-person) solutions designed to transport storage cases and optimize warehouse processes. HAI Robotics offers productive, intelligent, flexible and cost-effective automated picking solutions with intelligent robotics technology. HAI Robotics created its ACR system in 2015 and has been a pioneer among case-handling robot systems ever since. The first ACR system, HAIPICK, was completed and passed the first tests in 2016, it was officially ready in 2017 and went into commercial circulation in 2018.

The new era of manufacturing creates flexible and intelligent logistics

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The solution uses advanced robotic technology to simplify storage and picking processes in warehouses logistics and distribution centers, 3PLs. Designed to navigate narrow aisles and pick up items with ease, this innovative robotic solution is ideal for e-commerce, retail,  apparel warehouses requiring cost-effective storage solutions.

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