HAI Robotics is the pioneer and leader in autonomous case-handling robotic system. The company is commited to providing efficient, intelligent, flexible and customizable automation solutions through advanced robotics and AI algorithms crating value to every warehouse and factory.

Ont he front in ACR

The brand focuses on r&d and design of its acr system, realizing independent r&d core
elements such as robot body, basic positioning algorithm, control system, robot scheduling,
smart warehouse management system, and owns numerous global patents.
The company launched the first ACR system, HAIPICK, in 2015. It was the first autonomous
case-handling robotic system (ACR system) ever developed and put into commercial use. Its
wide range of applications include apparel, e-commerce, retail, manufacturing, 3PL,
electronics, pharmaceutical, energy and automotive. By using HIPICK system, customers can
realize warehouse automation transformation in one week, increasing storage density by 80-
130%, and improve work efficiency by 3-4 times.