Siemens’ artificial intelligence-driven visual software, SIMATIC AI, enables the automation of previously manualy made tasks, such as product sorting, achieving unprecedented levels of efficiency and productivity. SIMATIC Robot Pick AI is a pre-trained deep learning vision software for picking robot applications. Make reliable decisions without the need for additional CAD-based training. It makes decisions within milliseconds thanks to the 3D camera sensor. The software runs on any industrial PC with a Linux operating system – even smaller devices without a dedicated GPU or AI accelerator. It can be easily integrated into the SIMATIC platform and the TIA Portal engineering framework.

Improving picking efficiency in warehouses

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The solution makes it possible to support/replace manual work in complex warehouse processes, with automation. It is particularly suitable for general e-commerce, retail, fashion or pharmaceutical products. By implementing bin-to-bin picking and conveyor belt induction picking, companies can get more value out of their existing assets and increase productivity.

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