Libiao Robotics

Libiao is the world’s leading supplier of flexible intelligent sorting solutions, creating the world’s first portable, modular and automated unit sorting system. The company integrates logistics automation, research and development, production and sales of intelligent equipment. All of its products are independently researched and developed, and the company has accumulated over 100 exclusive invention patents.

Libiao Sorting Solutions

Libiao’s self-innovated solutions include intelligent sorting robots, magic carpets, charging piles and other supporting components and devices. With its rapid deployment it is quite flexible, highly customizable and scalable. Libiao’s energ- and labor-saving solutions automate picking to help workers and make factory and warehouse processes more efficient.

Depending ont he needs of the warehouse we offer 3 different solutions working with Libiao: T-sorting solutions, 3D sorting solutions and Steel platform sorting solutions. According to the parcel sorting and order picking requirements, the systems can increase or decrease the number of robots as needed. With more flexible expandability, there are no concerns about site constraints, thus reducing costs and increasing efficiency.