WAKU Robotics offers software solutions for the optimal operation of mobile robots (AMR, AGV) in logistics, warehouse and manufacturing. Their softwares help in the safe and efficient operation of autonomous solutions. They offer the most comprehensive independent comparison platform for robots, with many details and data about different systems – all in one place, completely digital. The platform enables analysis, optimization, control and maintenance of mobile robots. It provides a transparent and traceable maintenance structure, fully digital, accessible to both the company and the robot integrator. All this on an easy-to-use, user-friendly interface. With the solution, warehouses and logistics centers can efficiently operate their entire robot fleet.

Effective maintenance and troubleshooting

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Checklists and maintenance tasks can be created completely digitally. The software compiles the appropriate tasks for each device and component and accurately indicates errors. With the solution, detailed maintenance cycles can be built up for each robot, and task performance can be easily outsourced to the operator. The protocols also document the life cycle of the robot in dedicated files, which helps to manage all important master data and always make the right decisions. In cooperation with integrators and service providers, the lifetime of all devices can be extended.