SVT software

With several years of industry experience and even more software development and product experience, SVT Robotics recognized that the lack of compatibility between disparate systems is already a problem that is increasingly difficult to remedy with traditional integration methods. By solving the interoperability issue, they shorten the time for software integration of robots, making more accessible the speed and flexibility that supply chains need now more than ever. Their SOFTBOT® Platform redefines the integration process by eliminating long development cycles and expensive, inflexible custom coding, enabling customers to launch complex multi-system deployments in weeks.

The SOFTBOT® Platform

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The SOFTBOT® Platform enables the fast and relatively simple integration of the robots and IoT devices needed today. Any automation technology is easily connected to pre-made applications, saving time and energy. As a technology-agnostic resource, the platform coordinates the communication and cooperation of different manufacturers and automations (warehouse management system, ERP system, etc.). The SOFTBOT Platform uses pre-built applications to significantly speed up the process, which can reduce the typically half-year implementation time to a few weeks. What’s more, it’s particularly flexible: when expanding rapidly, according to the low code/no code solution, it has to be implemented once, then the software only needs to be copied when the warehouse implements a new robot or solution.