HAI Robotics

ACR systems are highly efficient Goods-to-Person solutions designed for totes & cartons transportation and process optimization, providing efficient, intelligent, flexible, and cost- effective warehouse automation solutions through robotics technology.

Increased storage density

Greatly increase warehouse storage density, High space utilization rate.

Efficient case-to-person

Greatly increases workforce operational efficiency.

Rapid and flexible deployment

Responds quickly to business needs, achieving fast deployment.

HAI ROBOTICS invented and continues to pioneer Autonomous Case-handling Robot (ACR) systems in 2015. The first ACR system, HAIPICK system, completed development and testing in 2016, officially launched in 2017, and was put into commercial use in 2018.

The new era of manufacturing creates flexible and intelligent logistics

The combination of HAIPICK ACR and HAIQ software platform flexibly meets the needs of
various production lines. It enables access to the raw material area, buffer area, finished and
semi-finished product storage areas, and production lines, realizing information
management and creating a fully automated intelligent manufacturing logistics solution.