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Geek+ Bin Mover includes M200C, M600C, and other AMR models equipped with bin moving mechanism. It offers customizable single-box and multi-box operating mechanisms of different sizes, including rollers, conveyor belts, etc. It can also fitted with various sensors to ensure security and reliability and enables automatical connection with infrastructures for unmanned and flexible operations.


The mirrorless laser SLAM solution provides high accuracy and stability


It supports the interaction with multiple devices, to facilitate the application in multiple scenarios


The intelligent storage location management enables seamless data connection with the WMS


Multi-scenario task templates can be easily configured and directly used


Multiple business strategies can be flexibly use to meet complex needs


The 360° safety solution can reduce the risks of accidents

Production line transfer

Automatic supply and removal of raw materials, product line transfer, finished product delivery and docking

Pallet handling

Automatic pallet handling with simple configuration

High level storage

Flexible for storage of goods at different hight

Intensive storage

Automatic storage of goods in warehouse without shelves

Creating unmatchable values for clients

Labor Cost Reduction

  • Saves 50%-80% of labor costs
  • Reduces intangible personnel management cost
  • Reduces man-made security risks
  • Operates with lights off, thus reducing energy bills
  • ROI in less than 3 years

Operational Safety

  • Capable of continuous operation without compromising efficiency
  • High operational accuracy with SLAM navigation + visual recognition
  • 360-degree obstacle avoidance
  • No single point of failure; capable of continuous operation without accident

Flexible Deployment

  • Robots come in multiple models, suitable for a variety of logistics scenarios
  • Supports multiple system deployment modes
  • Supports interaction among multiple devices

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